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Our Brand Vibe

The Mona brand vibe is clean, fresh and young. We are passionate and dedicated to seeing women win in every aspect of life through celebrating art, creativity and hustle. We celebrate go-getters, innovators, creatives, ambition, hardwork, honesty and compassion. This is how we have grown and continue to grow.


To evolve into a global beauty brand that celebrates the beauty and diversity of women while empowering them to achieve excellence in creative industries.


Our mission is to create the best beauty experience by creating a community of diverse expression that includes women from different economic and social backgrounds globally.


Professional Excellency, Innovative, Passionate, Transparency, Trustworthy, Empathy

The Team

Our Brand Story

Mona's journey to becoming a makeup artist dates all the way back to childhood, when she would play with her mother's makeup. Little did Mona know that this experience would paint the canvas for her future career in beauty.

When Mona went to College, she discovered YouTube tutorials and began practicing on friends and family members. Starting her own beauty shoots followed shortly afterwards and it was an instant hit on instagram. Spurred on by her growing popularity, Mona decided to turn her passion into a full-time career. She started as a freelance makeup artist in 2015 and as her following expanded, so did her array of opportunities. Soon enough, Mona needed more space and resources to meet the incresed demend, so she opened up her first makeup studio in 2016 - the first ever of it's kind in Uganda.

Today, Mona's team consists of ten girls who are all trained in professional makeup affiliated services, making it a successful enterprise that has grown into two locations.